MCS 486T Temperature Data Logger

The MCS 486T is a low cost data logger for the measurement of air temperature. It can be programmed to record averaged, minimum and maximum temperatures at a set recording rate. Thanks to the micro-power design it can run unattended for one to two years from a single Lithium Battery, depending on the recording rate.

The data logger is protected from extreme climatic conditions in it's splash proof PVC housing. All that is needed is to protect the sensor from direct solar radiation to record true air temperature profiles. Suitable shields are available from MC Systems.

This logger is well suited to record data in orchards and vineyards. Other applications include temperature stability monitoring in cooler transportation container vehicles.

Windows 95/98/NT4/2000 software to download the recorded values and display a chart is supplied with the data logger.

Technical Specifications


Temperature range


Recording period


Memory expansion


Housing type


Battery type


Interface BNC connection for bi-directional communications

-20 to +75 Celcius

0.1 Celcius

1 minute to 24 hours

5000 data points

10000 data points

55w x 80h x 40d mm

Black PVC with sealing gasket 

115gm including battery

1/2AA Lithium type TL2150

Can be mounted in any position


Meteorological data

Temperature profiles, cold units, heat units

Agriculture crop management

Propagation houses

Part Number

MCS 486-T

Air Temperature Data Logger

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