MCS 176 Wind Direction Sensor

The MCS 176 wind direction sensor may be used to accurately measure atmospheric wind direction for meteorological stations. The wind direction sensor is a standard vane design. The sealed stainless steel bearings ensure a low starting threshold and provide long operational life for the sensor . The vane is mechanically coupled to a low torque potentiometer which converts wind direction to a proportional analog signal when connected to a reference voltage. The wind direction sensor may be directly connected to either the MCS 120 Multichannel or similar data logger, which will convert and record the wind direction as degrees. MC Systems offer a standard tower arrangement providing a fast and convenient method of installation for portable and permanent weather stations.

Technical Specifications

Measuring Range

Operating Temperature


Angular Span


Turning Radius

0,5 to 45 m/s (160 K/h)

-10ºC to +50C non-freezing

0,5 m/s



280 mm

Output Signal

Analog output proportional to angular rotation

Power Requirements

1 to 2,5 volts, 200 micro-amps



Vertical Height

Mounting Requirements


Anodized Aluminum

UV protected PVC

300 mm

25,4mm inside diameter



Automatic weather stations

Wind profile studies


Part Number

MCS 176-2

Wind Direction sensor 5 with metre cable