MCS 174 Relative Humidity Sensor

The MC Systems 174 relative humidity sensor may be used to accurately measure a wide range of relative humidity. It consists of a capacitive sensor and electronic interface providing a direct output voltage proportional to the RH. This output may be connected to the MCS 120/130 multichannel or similar data loggers for continuous monitoring of relative humidity. The sensor is power by the logger and is switched on during a scan cycle to save battery consumption. A bronze sintered filter provides protection for the capacitive sensor. A static radiation shield is available from MC Systems to protect the sensor from direct radiation and precipitation.

Technical Specifications

Measuring range

Operating Temperature

Maximum Air Velocity

Without Filter

With Filter


Temperature Coefficient

Response Time (45-95% RH)

In Free Air

With Filter

Power requirements

5 to 98% RH

-10C to +50C

1 m/sec

20 m/sec

2% RH at 20C

< 1% RH from 0C to 40C

< 2 secs to 90% of deviation

< 30 secs

5-10 volts


Relative humidity studies

Meteorological data


Propagation houses

Part Number

MCS 174-1 

Relative Humidity sensor with 5 metre cable