The MCS 151S temperature sensor is hermetically sealed and can be used for measuring soil temperatures. The MCS 151S sensor has a large thermal mass around the sensing element and is suited to measuring average temperatures. The sensor is housed in a sealed PVC header.

The temperature sensor may be directly connected to the MCS 120 or MCS 130 range of multi-channel data loggers, which will convert and record the temperature in degrees Celcius.

Technical Specification

Measuring Range



-20șC to +70șC

±0,2șC at 25șC


Output Signal

Analog output voltage proportional to temperature.

Power requirements

4,8 to 6,5 volts, at 300 micro-amps

MCS 151S Size


10 mm diameter x 45 mm

50 gm


Automatic weather stations

Soil temperature profile studies

Part Number

MCS 151S-3

Soil Temperature with 3 metre cable


Extra cable in metre lengths