1 Channel 0-20mA, 4-20mA Loop Current Data Logger

The MCS 486LC is a low cost data logger for the measurement of current in 0-20mAmp or 4-20mAmp instrument. It can be programmed to record averaged, minimum and maximum values at a set recording rate. Thanks to the micro-power design it can run unattended for one to two years from a single Lithium Battery, depending on the recording rate.

The data logger is protected from dust in it's splash proof PVC housing.

This logger is well suited to record data in a process plant and out-door sites.

Windows 95/98/NT4/2000 software to download the recorded values and display a chart is supplied with the data logger.

Technical Specifications


Current range


Recording period


Memory expansion


Housing type


Battery type


Interface BNC connection for bi-directional communications

0 to 20 milli-amps DC

0.1 mA

1 minute to 24 hours

5000 data points

10000 data points

55w x 80h x 40d mm

Black PVC with sealing gasket

115gm including battery

1/2AA Lithium type TL2150

Can be mounted in any position


Flow meters, Water level, Ph meters

Part Number

MCS 486-LC

0-20mAmp, 4-20mAmp DC data logger

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