MCS486E Artificial Penguin Egg
Temperature Data Logger

The MCS486E Temperature Data Logger is a low cost instrument for the measurement of egg incubation temperatures. It can be programmed to record averaged, minimum and maximum temperatures over a set period of time. Thanks to the micro-power design it can record data for one year from the internal Lithium Battery, depending on the recording rate.

The data logger is protected from in it’s splash proof aluminum housing. The egg is supplied with a base undercoat primer and can be easily painted to any colour as required.

Windows 95/98/NT4/2000 software to download the recorded values and display a chart is supplied with the data logger.

The chart on the right shows the egg at ambient air temperature and then being offered to the bird. The egg reaches body temperature within 15 minutes showing its excellent surface temperature thermal time constant. The recording period in this instance was set to sample every minute and record every 5 minutes. The egg was left under the bird for 9 days and then removed to download the data.

The temperature dips indicate the bird moving or rotating the egg.

Temperature range  -20C to +50C
Resolution        0.1 degrees
Accuracy         0.2 degrees
Rotation         4 angular positions (optional) 
Sampling period    1 minute
Recording period   1 minute to 24 hours
Memory size      6000 data points
Size            52mm dia x 68mm length
Mounting         Any position
Weight          45gm
               additional weight can be added


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